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Statement from Chatham Basketball Club
by posted 06/14/2020

In light of recent events, Chatham Basketball Club is emphasizing its support for those who are advancing racial equality in our society through education, peaceful protest, listening, and sharing of information and life experiences.  As an organization, we condemn the flagrant disregard for human life that led to the killing of George Floyd and the many other instances of injustice that have been further brought to light in recent weeks and support any efforts to correct the societal systems that support such inhumane and shameful acts.

As stated by the NBA, “Basketball transcends all dimensions of diversity – those you can see, and those you can’t.  It is a game that anyone, anywhere, can participate in and follow.”  As we start to think about next season (assuming it can happen in a way that keeps our players healthy and safe), we will be thinking of ways to continue to create an inclusive environment for all of our teams and players and find ways to further emphasize equality united by our shared love of basketball.

Chatham Basketball Club

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